Web collaboration is easy as browsing. Start your collaboration just like you would browse the Internet. Your business meeting is just a click away!


Available on All Major Platforms (including Smart Phones)

Start or join a meeting with your PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone.


High quality Audio

We use multi-point audio with essential control features.


Complete Browser-based Solution on Windows and Mac

UZEE is the first-ever collaboration tool to provide a complete web-based solution.


HD-Quality Video for the First Time Ever in Web Collaboration

UZEE is the first communication platform to ever provide HD-quality video. If your bandwidth allows, you can even use full HD video (1080p) in the conference.


Start Collaborating in No Time

You can start collaborating with your team on the fly. Our hassle-free registration requires a minimum amount of information, which allows you to start using UZEE within minutes!


Highly Customizable to Suit Your Business

If you’re wanting to build your own solution, it’s as easy as building a website. Brand in your own name and start your own collaboration business.


Integrate Your Existing Web Tools to Give Them More Power

If you already own an Internet presence, it’s easy to integrate UZEE and boost the power of your business.