Key Features

Multi-Vendor/Multi-Device Interoperability

Whether you prefer using Cisco, Polycom, or LifeSize video endpoints in your conference room or business life, all of these platforms are now compatible with UZEE meetings. You can use UZEE with any SIP/H.323 hardware or software endpoint, web browsers on Mac and PC (desktops and laptops alike), smartphones such as the iPhone or Android, and any tablet, like the iPad, Kindle, and Android tablets. Our software makes it easy and convenient to collaborate with coworkers, partners, and customers.

Unlimited Participants / Multi-Party Meetings

UZEE supports an unlimited number of participants (including SIP/H.323 endpoints). This makes it the ideal videoconferencing solution for all of your professional needs, including: online courses, global team meetings, sales calls, and HR interviews.

Scalable Cloud-Based SaaS Service

UZEE ’s server architecture is completely cloud-based and is offered as a SaaS service, which allows users to avoid the hassle of buying, installing, and managing any hardware or software. Without the need for any “within the network” or “behind the firewall” hardware MCU or software servers, you can easily increase capacity by simply adding user licenses when you need them.

Mobile and Browser Clients

We at UZEE believe that “work” is an activity and that the productivity of work should not be restricted to a “place.” UZEE lets you join or start video meetings from your mobile phone or tablet by using our iOS, Android, and Windows apps, which you can download from market places such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. You can also start or join a meeting using your web browser. All you need is your computer, internet connectivity and a webcam!

Rich Content/Desktop Sharing

With UZEE , it is easy to share visual content and information in real-time HD with the other participants in your meetings. Users have the capability to display an entire desktop (both Mac and Windows), a specific file such as a PowerPoint presentation or Word document, or simply just a portion of a screen. Even SIP/H.323 endpoints can view your shared content while they watch the video feed. UZEE makes it possible for you to share your latest marketing slides or budget-tracking spreadsheet in true high definition (up to 1080p).

Remote Control

While you are in a UZEE meeting, you can allow other users to remotely control your desktop or applications.

Secure Meetings

UZEE clients work behind your enterprise firewall/proxy and ensure secure cloud deployment. With Firewall/NAT traversal, your meetings are private and secure, even if you have existing videoconferencing hardware and software from multiple vendors.

Enterprise Ready

Your IT staff can easily integrate UZEE  Server, UZEE  MCU and UZEE  Clients into your existing software and hardware infrastructure, providing a single sign-on, web integration, and CRM integration. UZEE also supports single sign-on with Google Apps for Business and integrates seamlessly into your Outlook or Google Calendar for easy scheduling.

Real-Time HD Video

Users of UZEE are able to adjust the video quality settings that are provided by the video hardware. All participants can send and receive real-time video in high-definition quality up to 1080p.

SIP/H.323 Endpoint Support

UZEE conference clients are interoperable with any SIP/H.323-compliant device. SIP/H.323 devices can be in an audio, video, and desktop sharing conference with UZEE clients on PCs, Macs, tablets, or smartphones. UZEE conference users can receive an unlimited number of videos from SIP/H.323 devices, as well as show any number of videos on the display unit connected to the SIP/H.323 endpoint by using UZEE ’s intelligent UI algorithms. SIP/H.323 endpoints can also view Mac or Microsoft Windows desktops that are shared by other UZEE conference users.

Social Networking/Professional Networking Integration

Social and professional networks (such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Yammer, and Edmodo) allow millions of users to collaborate online. UZEE extends the power of these networks by providing opportunities for real-time collaboration. Through the integration of our HD-quality audio, video, and data communication services, UZEE connects with all of these major social and professional networks, enabling cross-platform collaboration and, thus, building bridges between separate user bases.


All UZEE services come with a standard Online Presence Module (OPM) that allows for improved collaboration and communication between users. With the OPM, a user can quickly identify the online status of their collaborators. If a user is online and available, then you can use OPM to send a meeting invitation, which allows for instant meetings that lead to improved collaboration and communication between a team.

Text Chat Facility While Collaborating

UZEE comes with online chat. So when you’re meeting with others, there’s no need to sign in to third party software to communicate with those outside of your meeting. Simply use our online chat!


UZEE comes with a whiteboard feature, which boasts of an easy-to-use UI and enhanced drawing controls.

Software MCU

In the past, enterprises required a significant amount of processing power in order to deliver a decent customer experience in a multipoint video meeting. Over the last two decades, we have seen an exponential increase in processor performance and hardware scalability. With all the performance improvements that happened in standard server designs, we at UZEE are able to offer you a packaged software-only MCU.

As a pure software product, you don’t need to invest in and install any custom hardware to deploy UZEE Software MCU.

A benefit of a software-only model is immediate access to upgrades and updates. As new codecs and standards become available, and as features and functionality are added, UZEE Software MCU is updated. You immediately have access to the latest version.

With UZEE Software MCU, you can deploy an unlimited number of Conferencing Nodes – where you need them, and when you need them. If your organization has many locations, perhaps even on several continents, you can simply deploy a Conferencing Node in each location.

Hardware MCU

UZEE Hardware MCU is a very powerful video conferencing server, designed specifically for high-end conference rooms. With superior video and audio processing and low bandwidth utilization, it brings you extremely real HD video and audio communication experience.


  •  Reliable – Linux based
  •  Easy installation and administration using web-based UI
  •  True HD Support

Gateway – Microsoft Lync, Skype for business, WebRTC

Video conferencing is the most effective tool for business communications. Businesses have been using H.323 and SIP-based video conferencing systems for visual communications for decades. These systems have traditionally been complex to deploy and use and very expensive to purchase. Of late, many enterprises are adopting new software-based technologies such as Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Skype for business, Google Hangout and WebRTC in order to provide enterprise-wide video communications. These enterprises now face the challenge of making their existing video conferencing systems work seamlessly with these new software clients. UZEE gateway addresses this challenge and allows our customers both multi-party conferences, where any number of people meet on video in a scheduled or ad-hoc virtual meeting room and simple point-to-point call, where one user calls the number or address of another user. By deploying UZEE gateway, our customers achieve wide interoperability between standards based video conferencing endpoints like H.323/SIP and video conferencing clients based on new technologies like Microsoft Lync, Skype for business, Google Hangout, WebRTC etc.

Recording and Playback

In a meeting where multiple documents and videos are shared simultaneously, the user has thus far been forced to divide his attention. However, with UZEE , users can now record audio, video, and data sharing from every participant. This allows you to recreate the timeline of communication. Our innovative technology allows our users to replay the meeting with focus on any of the documents or videos shared, from any participant’s perspective. Powerful yet intuitive, the recording and playback functionality of UZEE makes divided focus a thing of the past.

UZEE Meetings

With UZEE meetings, you can connect with your colleagues and engage your customers through real-time meetings, training sessions, and events. All you need is a computer or mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, anything with a SIP/H.323 endpoint, etc. with an Internet connection and a web browser. UZEE meetings enable you to easily meet online with anyone, at any time. This option is ideal for users that use web conferencing for internal and external meetings. Following are some of the advantages of using UZEE meetings:

  •  You can start a meeting in seconds.
  •  You can show anything on your screen to online audiences in real time.
  •  You can conduct meetings with multiple people in multiple locations, right from your own desktop.
  •  It gives you the ability to deliver sales presentations and demos to prospects, as well as meet and collaborate with colleagues across the map, directly from your computer or mobile device.
  • UZEE enables you to make presentations, share applications, and update spreadsheets in online meetings with integrated audio conferencing and HD-quality video.
  •  Businesses of all sizes are able to easily present and demonstrate online.
  •  It lets you lead interactive training sessions and department meetings.
  • UZEE offers exceptional flexibility to scale, anywhere from online meetings with few users to webinars with thousands of users.
  •  It also lets you conduct and enable meetings across all common operating systems, hardware platforms, and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, tablets and Android phones.
  •  Meetings can be record and re-watched.