Our Services

Whether you are conducting an exclusive meeting with your team or scheduling a large shareholders meeting, your online meetings and webinars have never been as productive or efficient as they are with UZEE . We bring all of the major hardware and software video platforms together with a simple, uniform user experience for you, your partners, and your customers. Host an online sales meeting with UZEE ’s video, audio, and data conferencing platform and experience a new way of doing business. With this program, you will save time and money by conveniently delivering your sales presentation, in true HD quality, to your meeting participants from anywhere in the world, from any device be it a PC, a Mac, a tablet or iPad, your smartphone, or any device with SIP/H.323 endpoints.

UZEE can also change the way you conduct your employee trainings. No matter how many people you need to train or where they are located, you can now administer your employee trainings online. You will be able to share your desktop and files with them, as well as show presentations or take questions from the employees that are watching and listening in real time. Moreover, you can record the entire training session for future review and access.

Reporting and Analysis

UZEE offers a complete set of reporting tools, which allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your meetings. The reporting module includes features that allow you to: see the number of participants who joined your online meeting, see the length in which people participated in the web conference, and so much more

Online Meetings

With its scalable and stable technology platform, UZEE is an ideal candidate for hosting live collaborations, such as town halls meetings, web panels, conferences, and even unscheduled or casual meetings online. Your online meeting participants are able to log in from anywhere, using any device, and experience videoconferencing in brilliant HD-resolution. They can easily interact with their fellow users through webcams, text chat, and desktop sharing. UZEE has comprehensive options for scheduling, moderation, and privacy. Moreover, you can record the entire online meeting for future review and access.

Social Networking Integration

Social and professional networks (such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Yammer, and Edmodo) allow millions of users to collaborate online. UZEE extends the power of these networks by providing opportunities for real-time collaboration. Through the integration of our HD-quality audio, video, and data communication services, UZEE connects with all of these major social and professional networks, enabling cross-platform collaboration and, thus, building bridges between separate user bases.

Recording and Playback

In a meeting where multiple documents and videos are shared simultaneously, the user has thus far been forced to divide his attention. However, with UZEE, users can now record audio, video, and data sharing from every participant. This allows you to recreate the timeline of communication. Our innovative technology allows our users to replay the meeting with focus on any of the documents or videos shared, from any participant’s perspective. Powerful yet intuitive, the recording and playback functionality of UZEE makes divided focus a thing of the past.

Web Browser Client

Are you unhappy with the quality or features of the desktop video client that came with your conference room SIP/H.323 endpoint? Have you ever been running late for a video meeting and found yourself wishing you could join the meeting from your hotel room, without booting up your hardware, or without having to launch an application? With UZEE, you can have access to full, high-definition videoconferencing directly from your desktop or mobile device. With only a few clicks from your web browser, it’s easy to launch an instant meeting or join a pre-scheduled one. The UZEE browser client is a powerful way to extend the capabilities of your video meetings, as well as to reap the full benefits of the investments made in your SIP/H.323 hardware. With just a webcam, Internet access, and a few clicks, participants can join an HD video meeting and collaboration session from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Client

With UZEE’s mobile client, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a mobile video system. Our mobile video solution lets you join or host a multi-point videoconference, through everyday wireless or cellular networks, just as easily as making a phone call. From your mobile device, you can participate in or start a fully collaborative video experience with any number of participants on desktops, video systems, smart phones, tablets, or SIP/H.323 video endpoints. You can view and share content, as well. Now, you never have to miss out on important information because you couldn’t make it to the “video room.”

SIP/H.323 Room Systems

SIP/H.323 room systems, from vendors like Cisco, Polycom, and LifeSize, offer the ability for multiple people to attend video meetings from a conference room. While these systems are great for intra-company meetings, users tend to encounter endless problems when it comes to connecting externally to or from these video systems, due to incompatibility and network constraints. Fortunately, you can use UZEE to bridge the gap between these diverse and expensive video systems. You can easily connect to customers and partners over video, regardless of what platform they are using, since Tacodi™ interoperates with any SIP/H.323 room system. Traditionally, most videoconferencing systems are used to conduct intra-company meetings with colleagues in other offices. With Tacodi™, you can seamlessly connect your room system to anyone on virtually any video-enabled device.